Vortrag: Taking Semantic Web seriously - Requirements and Specifications of a Service Oriented Semantic Engine

Wo: Department of Information Science an der Universität Loughborough
Wann: 20.05.2008

Zum Inhalt:
Computer-aided "management" of knowledge without proper semantic contextualization is meaningless. However, introducing semantics to computers on a large scale is a difficult business. The key here is standardization. In one of Jäger's research activities he is aiming at the general specification of a service oriented "semantic engine" based on semantic web standards. Current systems in this area miss a couple of important features, such as a proper authorization model, historic views or a data manipulation language. Leveraging on a semantic engine, it is a small step from document management to real knowledge management up to machine reasoning. The seminar outlines the specifications of a modern service-oriented semantic engine.