Vortrag: How Semantic Technologies can Boost Knowledge Management - A Roadmap from Document Management Systems to Reasoning Machines

Wo: Department of Information Science an der Universität Loughborough
Wann: 22.10.2008

Zum Inhalt:
In this talk, Peter Jaeger outlines his roadmap from simple document management systems to reasoning machines. Knowledge management (KM) is playing an increasingly important role in supporting the nearly exponential growth of the CoE, one of SAP's innovation and prototyping centres. Initially, mere document management was sufficient, as only a handful of permanent CoE members could rely on rather informal "KM processes". Since 2007, the organization has investigated the potential of using semantic technologies that help to make previously tacit knowledge more explicit and consistent. One semantic web based application has been implemented and has been live for more than one year now - a milestone on the roadmap towards more intelligent systems that are able to actively support users by means of autonomous reasoning.